Our commitment to the environment


Sustainable development and ecotourism have become a real necessity. Each actor in the tourism sector must realize that every act has consequences on the survival of the planet. Travel together while respecting the environment is a challenge that all of us can easily identify.


Tuileries de Chanteloup, we set up an environmental awareness program to preserve our natural resources


Les Tuileries de Chanteloup are gradually green!


  and encourage you to help in its green efforts.

 Waste sorting and recycling


Our actions:


* Provision of sorting containers.


* Incentives in the office to operate in "paperless" and back side printing and black and white and print only when necessary.


* Use scrap paper for recycling of printed paper.


* Sort and recycle packaging throughout the house, paper, cardboard, newspaper, magazine, glass, plastic, organic waste.


* Some selected green waste compost and feed our chickens soon participate in recycling.

* Recycling of batteries, light bulbs, neon lights in deposits used for that purpose.


* Get cooking oils and bring them to the dump.


* Educate-mail contacts with "Adopt the eco-attitude": not print this document only if necessary. 

By you :


  * Waste sorting room a bin for recyclable paper and a bin for non-recyclable. Give all other waste (batteries ...).




Respect and biodiversity


Our actions:


* Ceiling insulation under roof in 2011.


* Change almost all frames (doors and windows) in 2013 with double glazing.


* We do not use herbicides. Hand weeding is back. 

* Using organic fertilizer if necessary.


* Using biodegradable or eco-labeled cleaning products.


* Phasing out individual packaging for hygiene products.


* Welcome products (shower gel ...) or certified organic.


* Purchase as much as it can in large volumes to decrease transportation.



Make you aware:

* Do the same at home.

Water consumption

Our actions :

* Gradual implementation of the reduction of water consumption techniques:


* Use flow reducers on taps.


* Flush dual flush all the toilets.


* Install aerators progressive (reducing water consumption) over the entire economic and fittings shower heads.


* Monitoring the water consumption to control accidental loss.


* Intervention at the slightest water leakage.


* For laundry: usually use "water efficient" cycle.


* Bed linen and towels are changed at the request of the host.


* The washing machine and the dishwasher are filled to the maximum.


* Replacing worn parts and broken appliances with more efficient appliances and meeting environmental standards. Since 2011: change of refrigerators, the washing machine, the dishwasher, a fuel heater and the old boiler with a condensing boiler gas.


* Control of the use of water when cleaning the showers, baths and sink.


* In the garden: 3 trays for rainwater harvesting are installed for watering flowers and garden. 

* 2 wells are also used for watering.



Make you aware:


* 3 showers a day, is it really necessary?


* Controlling water consumption in the shower (stay two hours in the shower, why?), When washing hands or brushing teeth.


* Keep their towels and sheets to avoid wastage of water. 

Consumption of city gas and electricity



Our actions:


* Setting the heating in the rooms: Heating reduced if innocupation.


* Progressive Installing low energy light bulbs.


* Timer in public areas where possible.


* Scheduling outdoor lighting and pool


* Programming track heating and hot water circulation.


* Monitoring of electricity consumption and gas.


* Turn off the lights.



Make you aware:


* Do not use the electric radiators in extreme necessity.


* Turn off the lights of an unoccupied room;


* Turn off the radiators if you open the windows.


* Turn off the light, the radio, the TV when you leave the room.


* Check that the devices are turned off and not just in standby.

 Local development



Our actions:


* Purchases of local and seasonal products: for breakfast and dinner, we work as much as possible local products. We are in relationship with the producers of fruit, vegetables, poultry, meat, cheese, honey, wine and alcohol ... thus favoring short circuits and organic products. We use herbs from our garden.



Make you aware:


 * Favour the consumption of local, seasonal produce.




The environment is everyone's business!



  Our greening process is well underway and thanks to the effort of all, we hope that our humble contribution will help preserve our planet corner.

Laure et Patrice Cochin


Les Tuileries de Chanteloup