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28 mai 2014:

Still a good time at the Tuileries de Chanteloup! TRIUMPH SPITFIRE lovers of the Midi region (06 and 83) have made a stop here. They went in Pornichet (44) for a national gathering (GA their association). Hyper-friendly, they made us make a small towers and Patrice has even had the pleasure to drive one! ... Remember in October we received Spitfires of the Bordeaux region. A common feature of all these lovers: the kindness and simplicity. What a pleasure to meet these passionate!

Photos prises le 30 mars 2013 dans les jardins des Tuileries de Chanteloup...Le printemps arrive !



EXPO MODELISME: "Little Train" at the Cultural Hall Temple at Roche-Chalais : 

19 et 20 octobre 2013 aux Tuileries de Chanteloup : rendez-vous des amoureux des TRIUMPH SPITFIRE: